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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last night I went to visit a GF.  I've known her for over 20 years (Yikes!).  I taught her in Sunday School when she was 12.  Now she's all grown up, married, with 6 children, the youngest of which is almost 2 1/2.  Her 4 yo son is scheduled to have heart surgery next week.  He had his first surgery just days after birth when they found that he had a defect.  I hadn't taken the kids a treat in awhile so I packed up some vanilla ice cream and toppings and took that with me.  The kids were very excited!  You would have thought they hadn't ever had any before.  While I was chatting with mom, they were creating a Thank You card for me.  When I was leaving later, 2 of the girls sneaked this in my purse and I didn't find it until this morning - signed by all of the kids.  It really touched me.  This is such a special family and proud to call them my friends.


  1. Oh how sweet! What a precious story Margaret & thanks for sharing truly are special!!!

  2. What an adorable story! You were so sweet to think to take your friend's children such a special treat, and the fact that they thought to tuck the darling messages into your purse is just precious beyond words! They must have a very special Mom and I imagine all those lessons you taught her in Sunday school when she was a child may have something to do with how she is raising her kids ;-) So sorry to hear her son has (had?) to have more heart surgery. I just said a prayer for him and hope he is doing well. Maybe you can update???

  3. Good news; bad news. Bad news first - surgery has been postponed. The little guy's allergies kicked in and he had some lung congestion when he went for his pre-op, so no surgery for at least a month. Good news is that he and his mom get to go to their family reunion this coming weekend which they were going to have to miss. Thanks for your comments and prayers.


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